Mayflower Homeschoolers

Statement of Waiver of Liability and Assumption of Risk To Publications / Articles

Posted 2/15/21

By attending activities of Mayflower Homeschoolers, I agree to the following Statement of Waiver of Liability and Assumption of Risk:

I hereby fully waive and release any and all leaders, organizers, volunteers, and venues of Mayflower Homeschoolers of Warrenton, Virginia (The “Releasee”), from any and all claims for personal injury, property damage, or death that may result from my participation in the following activities:

Any and all activities associated with the Mayflower Homeschoolers (“activities”): I hereby voluntarily, at my own risk, accept this Waiver and Assumption of Risk in sole consideration of being permitted to participate in activities.

I hereby acknowledge and understand that there are dangers and risks associated with the activities described above, which have been fully explained to me. My family and I hereby agree to abide by all rules, instructions, policies, and procedures imposed by the Release relating to the participation in the activities.

By accepting this Waiver and Assumption of Risk, my family and I fully assume the dangers and risks, and agree to use our best judgment while engaging in those activities. I further agree in indemnify and hold harmless the Releasee, its leaders, organizers, volunteers, venues from and against any and all liability incurred as a result of or in any manner related to our participation in the activities.

I hereby certify that I am of legal age and competent to execute this Waiver and Assumption of Risk, that in doing so of my own free will and accord, voluntarily and without duress, and that I do so intending to bind myself, my executor, my heirs, and administrators or assigns to the fullest content.