How do I join?


Go to our website.  Click on "Request Membership".  Complete the online application.  Applications may take a few days to process.  Successful applicants will receive an email with a link to complete the membership registration process.  Once all required components of the registration process have been submitted, membership is granted.


What is required of members?


Members commit to daily prayer for the group.  Service to the group to help it function is highly desireable.  Families are free to determine the amount of service that is peaceful for them.


Are There Fees?


Yes, there are required annual dues of $35 per family. In addition, depending on which activities families choose, there may be nominal fees associated with those activities.


Is membership in MH exclusive?


No. With respect to the gift of free will given by God, and the Principle of Subsidiarity, MH members are free to make whatever choices they deem necessary for the education of their children, including membership in other homeschool groups.


I am not Roman Catholic.  May I join?


Yes. MH is open to all homeschoolers. However, to protect and nourish our Roman Catholic identity in all our activities, membership in MH requires signing a mandatory Statement of Faith.


What do you mean by independent?


MH is not a ministry of any particular parish or diocese.


Must I participate in all activities?


No. Adherent to the Principle of Subsidiarity, members choose how much participation is peaceful for their families.


What activities does MH offer?


Currently, during the school year, MH offers:

     Mass, Chaplet or Rosary, Adoration Several Times a Month

     Clubs Day Monthly

     Corporal and Spiritual Works of Mercy Monthly

     PE Day Monthly

     Feast Day Parties Quarterly

     Teen Themed Dances Quarterly

     Chastity Enrollment Ceremony Annually

     A Pilgrimage Annually

     A Religious Vocations Exploration Trip Annually

     2 Academic Fairs Annually

     Stations of the Cross for Children Annually

     May Crowning 1-2 Times Annually

     Holy Baccalaureate Mass Annually

     Commencement Annually

     Moms' Night Out Monthly

     Moms' Weekend Out Annually

     Elizabeth Ministry as Needed

     Parent Planning Meeting Annually

In the summer, MH meets monthly for Mass, Chaplet, or Rosary, Adoration, followed by either a:

    Pool Party

    Day at a Lake

    Day at a Waterpark